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Beginners, newcomers and anyone interested are welcome to take part in one or two trial units without obligation and free of charge.
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In traditional Japanese martial arts, the “dojo” denotes the place where the path (Japanese do) is practiced. These practice rooms are designed according to the Japanese model and inspired by the spirit of Zen. The style builder’s Honbu Dojo plays a central role in this. Here is the “center” and the “heart” of the martial art Shoto Kempo Ryu. As soon as students of the Honbu Dojo are sufficiently advanced, they open their own dojo which are led as “Dantai” dojo by them as teachers.

In addition to the dojo in Stade, Himmelpforten, Greifswald and Copenhagen, there is a sublocation of the Honbu Dojo in southern Sweden. This serves as an international training and further education facility for budo teachers and masters of various systems, for qualified budo teachers and master students of traditional martial arts and is of course also our style-internal teaching facility.

There are also branches in England (Janine Brauer) and Malaysia (Elaine Abu Bakar), master student in the Honbu Dojo.

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